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This page is dedicated to my comic art production.

Links on this page takes you to sample art I've done and sent to DC Comics and an italian publisher (Sergio Bonelli Editore) to promote me as penciller-inker; other links takes you to illustrations about various characters, and to some sketches of fictional characters inspired to DC elseworlds and created in a comics mailing list.

Last but not least, there is the link to the cover of the italian magazine which published the first story of a new character I created, whose name is Art-Fan.

Whoever would like to send me his opinions about my artwork and my pages can write to e-mail address at the end of this page or use a form in the mail-page where, after your permission, I'll put your comment.

English text page opened February 16, 1998 - Italian text page opened May 20, 1997.

About this character I've done six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 (this is a sequence of six pages from "Hawkman" n 0, October 1994, "Old scores"). Thanks to Steve Lieber, who is the artist of that (and others) story, and that sent me an e-mail.

About this character I've done a pin-up for an italian fanzine published in December 1997.

Hope you'll excuse the presence of the italian text version of this pin-up, I'll substitute it as soon as possible with an english text version. This image is dedicated to Stefano "Nehwyn" Bartoletti, who is editor of "JLA-central", an italian site dedicated to the JLA.

These are sketches (some partialy completed) of fictional characters inspired to DC elseworlds and created in a story writen by various people in a comics mailing list. They are The Emperor and the Princess (the Princess is Talia), Verq and Shado (Verq is Oliver Queen.Green Arrow), Orin, Rahma e Fulmine (Orin is Aquaman, Rahma is Catwoman, Fulmine is Impulse), Kal (this, obviously, is Kal-El.Superman), Garnier e Constantine (Garnier is Guy Gardner.Green Lantern, Constantine is omonimous John) The Vizir and Ra's (The Vizir is Lex Luthor, Ra's is Ra's Al Ghul).

This pin-up is a pencil and pen sketch of Cap in action using his legendary shield.

How could react a Czarnian to a byte from a girl of the planet Drakulon ?
Read the comment that James Warren, creator of Vampirella, sent me.

This is a pencil drawing showing an elf,
an image without action of a "fantasy" character.

About this italian character I've done a cover and four pages 1 2 3 4 (from "Il Comandante Mark" n104, "Il risveglio della mummia").

These illustrations has been done for the presentation of a mini-series project about this character. They are two[ 1 - 2 ] pin-up and one character study.

About this italian character I've done a pin-up and six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 (from "Nick Raider" n 5, "Omicidio a Central Park").

About this italian character I've done two pin-ups a b and six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 (these are not based on published pages but on sample pages done by various artists and printed in a italian fanzine).

Cartoons. They are italian text version. Ive put them on the net just to show a different style of drawing.

Im happy to introduce you my first published character, Art-Fan. The image shows the cover of the magazine where his first adventure has been printed. Three more will follow. To have more informations about my character or about the magazine, just send me a letter or use the form in the mail page.

This is my more complex realization. A site dedicated to the scriptment that James Cameron wrote in 1992 for the "Spider-Man" movie. The text is accompanied by an un-official story-board which is drawn by me.
Pay attention: the site is really "heavy", so that the best way to download it is to use a fast connection. To enter, click over the following images.

Mail page

Your opinions and a form to write me.
Note: "Art-Fan" is a character copyright (c) Daniele Tomasi. All rights reserved.
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"Captain America" and "Spider-Man" are characters copyright (c) Marvel Comics. All rights reserved.
"Vampirella" is a character copyright Warren Publishing Co. All rights reserved.
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